What's the Best Way to Handicap a Week of Football?

By: AC Dinero     Date: Nov 7, 2015

Having a system in place when handicapping a given week of football can help you sort out the relevant information and save you time. On average there are approximately 75 games a week. That is a lot of information to process. So how should you go about handicapping the week? First, I like to print out all of the matchups so I can have them in front of me. I look at the opening line and study the movement to determine if it’s telling me something. I can get an indication of how the smart money and public are viewing a game. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Next, I’ll perform my fundamental analysis. I write down YPC, YPA and 3rd down for both offense and defense. Then I look at turnovers, penalties, red zone performance and the kicking game. I focus on defense because it’s defense that cashes tickets over the long term. After this, I write down notes pertaining to the game, like injuries, byes, motivation, letdowns, look-aheads; basically any one-time event affecting a game. I always try to make a case for the underdog. The odds-makers know the public bets favorites and overs, as well as the national brands. Putting it all together, I get: • NFL: 70% fundamental and 30% situational • NCAAF: 45% fundamental and 55% situational The difference is that professionals block out emotions better than 18-20 year old kids and the rosters are more stable I hope this helps you analyze games and puts more money in the bankroll AC

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