Yogi Berra ISMS 101

By: RJ Robbins     Date: Feb 28, 2016

The other night I was looking at the odds and reading some articles, (like everybody does) and the Denver/Dallas NBA match up was about to come on. Early that morning after I did my home work (handicapping) I couldn't make up my mind on going with Denver plus the points (+5.5) or taking the Over 208. The entire day I kept thinking about the game. Well to make a long story short I ended up passing. During the evening I was on my computer and had the game on. During the first half Dallas kept throwing up brick after brick and at half time Denver had a 12 point lead. I see the score and then my 20/20 hind sight kicks in, "I am thinking- great, I should have put out Denver, way to go dummy". The game got very exciting in the second half. It was very enjoyable for me since I didn't 'have a dog in the hunt'. Dallas made a 3rd quarter run and had a 2 point lead with 2 minutes to go in the quarter. In the 4th quarter Denver made their run and built the lead to 13 with 6 minutes to go. Dallas fought back and with 2 minutes to play they were down by 8, 107-99. Game over right? No that would be to simple. Dallas went on a 9-1 run and tied the game with 12 seconds to play sending the game into OT. Dallas won the game 122-116. Then (in my head) I heard a Yogi Berra-isms, "It ain't over 'til it's over!

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