Vegas Golden Knights Story of the Year

By: America's Bookie     Date: May 21, 2018

And it’s not even close! The Las Vegas Golden Knights dream season just continues and for bettors, a very large payday could be coming. It’s crazy to think how much money is on the table for all of those future bets that were placed last summer. Time will for sure tell a story. The Golden Knights must be the sports story of the year. The Eagles were a great story but this one transcends great. This Golden Knights team started off with a bang and they have never looked. Don’t believe how good they are? Just ask the LA Kings, they were swept by this upstart expansion team. Nobody gave the Knights a chance this year “but maybe next year.”


Ryan Reaves says that ‘everyone on the team has something to prove”. This couldn’t be further from reality”. They have nothing to prove, they have already proven everything there is to prove and more. What they have done is a miracle on ice and it will never happen again in sports.


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The Golden Knights lost game one of the Western Conference Finals and followed that up with a backdoor sweep! We can say it, the one time in sports when it applies; this team is a team of destiny.


No matter who Vegas faces in the Stanley Cup Finals one thing is for sure, they will be ready. They have been ready all season long and the sports books are nervous. The knights opened up the season at 200/1 odds on winning the Cup. There are a lot of bet slips just waiting to be cashed.


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As Tampa looks to close out the Capitals, the Golden Knights will have an opportunity for some much needed rest. The Knights racked up 109 points over the course of an inaugural season which is beyond outstanding for any team, any year let alone an expansion team that had never played as a unit.


Fluery has been the nails holding this team together defensively and stopped an astounding 151 of 161 shots in the Winnipeg series and that came after giving up four goals in the first game.


For the city of Las Vegas, the Knights came along at just the right time after the horrific mass shooting that claimed 58 lives. Vegas needed to heal and needed a coming together. No amount of wining can bring back a life but what the Knights have done is hold a city on edge together.


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The Tampa Bay lightning or the Capitals will be a tough opponent but the knights have grown up right before our very eyes. The odds on the series are going to be interesting and the best move will be to get in the moment the line hit.


Everybody is rooting for Vegas but each possible opponent will be most difficult to beat. If anyone can find a way it will most certainly be quick and unexpected. Get the money in, call the bookie and jump for this series, it’s going to be spectacular.

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