Warriors vs Rockets A Western Conference NBA Finals

By: Mike Anthony     Date: May 15, 2018

NBA fans you got your wish, this series is what we have all been waiting for and it’s finally here. Since October 17th, 2017 we have been waiting for this series and we expected it. Anything less would have been a letdown. The season opener was exactly what we had hoped for in a battle that went to the very last minute with a 122-121 final. You can expect more of the same out of this series. It will be hard fought, it will be a battle and hopefully for the NBA bettors out there, it will go seven games.

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Stephen Curry is back and he never missed a beat just as he always never misses a beat. James Harden has been the story line most of the way in this playoff run and the Rockets are hoping they finally get over the hump of playoff losing. This time the Rockets have an ace up their sleeve and it called Chris Paul. Chris Paul will go toe to toe and who get the better of this matchup remains to be seen. If history repeats itself, Curry will have the upper hand but the team had better come strong for this Rockets team.

The 2018 Rockets are not the Rockets of 2017 that were eliminated in a second round showdown by the San Antonio Spurs. This Rockets team is a scoring juggernaut and they will be difficult to contain. The scary part if you are a Warriors fan is the very idea that the Rockets have found some semblance of a defense.

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If you are worried in the slightest about the Rockets keeping the pace with the Warriors, don’t be. The Rockets can outrun anybody in the NBA and they have done it all season long, to the tune of 65 regular season wins. With Paul, Harden and Ariza, they have three shooting warriors that will tip the scale nightly. For those folks counting the Rockets out simply because of past playoff failures; big mistake.

The problem for the Rockets is Durant. Who can stop that guy? Really, he is pretty much unstoppable and when Curry is on; forget about it, the warriors have weapons and the spread the offense like nobody else in the NBA.

The Warriors have a clear advantage at home and more so than the Rockets. What they must do is turn the tables on the Rockets and win at least one in Houston. Going back to Oracle with the series tied at 1-1 will be an advantage for the Warriors with a current 15 game winning streak in the building.

The Warriors home crowd has a way of getting the most out of the stars including Klay Thompson. When they get hot they are unstoppable. The Rockets must keep their guard up at all times and never allow 15 and 20 point runs.

The online bookies are hoping for a great series, one that beats you! Don’t let it happen. Jump in for a great series price. Shop around, find the best lines and odds and don’t let this one get away. As fans we are in for the best series of the year, as gamblers, we have a prime opportunity to make some serious money.

Check out the totals very closely. These two score a lot of points and this series will be no exception. Remember, both teams have an all-star staring five and they will be swing on both ends of the court. We could see some of the highest scoring games of all year. Have fun, buckle up, it’s going to be a crazy-fun ride.

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