Money Management 101 Final

By: RJ Robbins     Date: Jan 29, 2016

Well it's been another wild year in College and Pro Football. Alabama is the NCAA Champion again. The NFL has the 50th Super Bowl between Carolina & Denver on deck. Look back over the last season, how'd you do? Let's go back to our Mid Term where the 'DBS' system was introduced. The 'Don't Be Stupid' happened in the Wild Card match up between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Cincinnati was down 15-0 to battle back to take a 16-15 lead. Cincinnati then turned the ball over when they fumbled at the Pittsburgh 9 yard line. Pittsburgh drove to midfield then Cincinnati had back to back 15 yard penalties. The first penalty was a hitting a defenseless receiver. Was it a penalty? Yes! Could the defensive player have held up? Heck yes, but didn't. Then Cincinnati got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (let's face it was so dumb) moving in easy field goal range and Pittsburgh kicked the game winner. #1 DBS game of the year! Remember the games you lost by the 'hook' or a 'backdoor' last minute score? Of course you do! How about Clemson in the BCS Championship Game! Think of all those 'Lock' games you heard about all season. The 'Sure Things' remember those? Remember those games that were over at half time? Somebody forgot to tell TCU in the Alamo Bowl when Oregon was up 31-0 at half time! PLUS the under 73 that went over because of the triple overtime. Did you follow your money management program? No you didn't. I am sure you didn't 'double up' to 'catch up'? Yes you did. Did you play more teasers and parlays. Yes you did! All that being said it's OK. We started off Money Management 101 with 6 tips on wagering; 1- Sports Betting is a marathon and not a sprint. 2- Champagne taste with a beer pocketbook! 3- Always start with and maintain a Bank roll. 4- Play between 2% - 5% on your wagers. 5- Bet with your head, not with your heart. 6- The most important and the hardest thing is to have discipline! Following those 6 steps will make you successful player. Good luck and good winning!

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