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By: Joe Gavazzi     Date: Oct 14, 2015

We have played 6 weeks of the 2015 CFB season with many squads having already completed 50% of their regular season schedule. With teams now well-entrenched into the conference season, it is time to take a look at the nation’s best defenses. In this era of high-tech offenses, most notably exhibited in the Big 12 and PAC 12, it is still important to pay respect to the old adage that “defense wins football games.” With that in mind, we take a look at the nation’s Top 10 Defenses and the parameters used to qualify these teams.

The first parameter is scoring because it is the bottom line by which all defenses are judged. To qualify for our list of SUPER Ds, a team must allow 21 or fewer points per game. That is a TD lower than the average. The second key parameter is yards per game. Our SUPER Ds must allow 300 or less YPG (a full 100 yards less than what most teams average). A not so common defensive indicator is yards per play (YPP). Yet, it is one of the best indicators of the combination of running and passing defense. Great D’s allow 4.5 YPP or less in CFB. Finally, we all know the importance of the running game in CFB. To qualify as a great defense, our SUPER Ds must allow 125 RPG or less and 3.0 YPR or less.

Using those criteria, I have isolated the Top 10 SUPER Ds for the first half of the 2015 CFB season. As you will read in the game analyses which accompany this article, there are 3 terrific opportunities to use teams on our list as double digit underdog this week! Alabama App. St. Boise St. Boston Coll. Duke Michigan Missouri Penn St. Pitt Utah St.

The solid defensive play of these teams has carried them to a 43-14 SU record. Though the teams are approximately 50% ATS overall and as underdog, the best may be yet to come this week. Perennially these teams have performed at their best in the role of double digit underdog. No fewer than 5 of our teams are in the role of underdog this week. They are: Utah St., Boston College, Missouri, Pitt and Penn St. Historically speaking, however, it is the 3 of these teams in the role of double digit underdog, where these Defensive Dandies perennially bring home the Alpo. The companion analyses to this article will point out those teams with accompanying support.

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