Chris Paul and the NBA Playoffs

By: Tony Karpinski     Date: May 4, 2015

Currently, the Clippers PG is playing some of the best ball of his career. CP3 is still one of the 2-3 best pure passers in the NBA, and when he goes into scoring mode, he is awesome, one of the best 3-4 putting the ball in the hoop. And without question, the best on the ball defensive point guards in the league. Proven with his 2.3 steals/game in his career and his deadly outside shooting this season. He has struggled in the playoffs over his 10 year career. But, I also question, is it possible for him to shake off the unrealistic expectations that people have laced on him about making a trip to the finals? Blake Griffin has also stepped up his game in the playoffs and the LA Clippers will be a tough out.

The NBA playoffs now are into the 2nd round. Oddly enough, Chris Paul is getting there, for just the 4th time of his career. Through it all, Paul has never gotten out of the 2nd round. But, after his performances in the 1st rd vs the Spurs, you have to give it up to CP3, the guy really is one of the toughest players left in the NBA. The Clips just beat the San Antonio Spurs, in an exciting game 7 as Chris Paul hit the series clinching shot with 1 second remaining in game 7.

CP3 is a great decision maker after getting the ball off the screen, he is sharp as a blade. He creates something after them, all the time. He could be the pure definition of how to use a screen properly. He can also literally do pretty much everything you ask of him. A true and complete poing guard He brings scoring, great passing, his ball handling, mixed with his court vision, and his decision making. He plays defense and causes turnovers every year. He carries a leadership quality about him many forget or don't want to acknowledge. and

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