The King and his Court make History!

By: RJ Robbins     Date: Jun 21, 2016

By now you have heard all the experts explain why Cleveland won the NBA Championship or why Golden St. lost it. Trying to convince someone their opinion is the right side is like trying to change someone's mind about there politics! Not going to happen! King James did put Cleveland on his shoulders and brought them back from being down 3 games to 1! Personally I went 14-9, hitting 61% of my selections, which includes going 4-2 ATS in the Finals!

Let me put this out there for food for thought. Did Cleveland win the Championship or did Golden State choke? What does winning 73 games really mean to the Warriors? The Warriors were 1 win away from one of the greatest seasons ever. Has King James reached the same level as Michael Jordan or Kareem Abdul Jabbar? The Warriors were up 3-1 thanks to going 41/106 from the 3 point line in the games they won. The last 3 games they hit only 44/123. They went from hitting 43% down to 36%. Live by the 3 pointer and die by the 3 pointer!

Cleveland on the other won their first 3 games hitting 52% of their 2 point field goals. For the 7 games series the Cavs hit 121/167 of their free throws for 72%, while the Warriors shot 143 free throws hitting 107 for 75%. The fact is that the Cavs shot more and made more free throws.

The under went 4-2-1 ATS for the series.

Then their is the comparison of the MVP's. King James the series MVP played 47 minutes in game 7 and scored 27 points. Mr. Curry was just 4/14 behind the arch and scored 17 points in just 39 minutes. You add all those things up and what do you have? You tell me!!

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