Baseball Has Been Quite, Incredibly Great to Me by Tony Stoffo

By: Tony Stoffo     Date: Aug 20, 2015


Several Sportsbooks would rather close their doorways for the duration of the baseball period. It is not just that business slows following the football and basketball seasons stop -- because it does, substantially -- it's that the sensible gamblers hit the bookmakers up for a good deal of income. So how come you're not betting on baseball every single day? (And I know you're in all probability not.) Certainly for a lot of the same motives you are not betting routinely on hockey, another activity with good price for gamblers. Believe me, I've heard all the excuses. "Baseball and hockey are uninteresting." "I can't get with any sport in which a 2-1 score displays a excellent game." "I can't watch a professional baseball devoid of falling asleep." "I've never ever even seen a professional hockey game." My question to you is, "Are you betting for amusement or to make cash?" Granted, most U.S. gamblers aren't nearly as acquainted with hockey as they are with the three other important American sports: football, basketball and baseball. And, admittedly, baseball lags far behind football and basketball in mass appeal. But baseball and hockey each have usually offered excellent values for savvy gamblers. Not only that, their seasons span virtually the complete 12 months, with Major League Baseball's very first pitch overlapping neatly with the push toward the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup playoffs. Most essential, both baseball and hockey equally differ from football and basketball in that the most common form of betting is on the moneyline (which team is going to win....straight up, no points), not versus the run-line or puck-line. This provides a prospect for excellent profits. Baseball attributes a different distinctive dynamic in that even nevertheless it is a group sport, it is really about a single player, the pitcher, towards one more individual player, the batter. In the age of the internet, it is not hard to establish how a particular pitcher does towards a precise lineup, or at a specific ballpark. Hockey's kind of the same way, only it is the goalie in opposition to the opponent's whole offense, far more or less one guy at a time. No wonder bookies detest hockey and baseball -- the latter of which is the only game heading into the dead action of the summer months. At the Desert Inn Sportsbook we felt lucky to end professional baseball season with 1% or much less in losses on the books. When do you think we produced upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars? On "losers" blowing their yearly bankrolls in 17 quick weeks of pro football, and 1 lengthy weekend of Final 4 basketball, that's when. So start "betting sensible." Use my twelve Money-Management Systems, and do not consider a gambling holiday for the duration of baseball and hockey seasons -- it could be costing you thousands of dollars a year Play Only When Your Team's Winning I learned my initial income-management method prior to me ever stepping foot in Las Vegas. I was working on Wall Street and a colleague of mine, Dave, couldn't keep it to himself about all the dollars he was earning betting on pro baseball. I was just a 19 year old kid and Dave was in his mid-30s, so he cherished being a mentor to me. It did not take long for him to outline the whole method for me. It also didn't take long for Dave to realize that he could be creating a completely new career off this approach of his, which he'd learned from a buddy, who had discovered it from a good friend, who'd learned it from a close friend. So, one day, he merely gave up his six-figure Wall Street work and moved to Vegas. 20 years later, when I was supervisor at the Desert Inn, Dave strolled into the Sportsbook to lay a bet on, what else, baseball. I happily took it, and handed over his winnings 3 hours later. I hadn't seen him in two decades, but he was more than happy to tell me that he made his living entirely by use of his aged old approach of riding teams' winning streaks and sitting on the sidelines throughout their slumping streaks. I did not have the heart to inform Dave, but I'd made a number of changes to this same procedure since I'd started employing it, making it a quite a bit more lucrative. Now I'm going to share it with you. I assume you'll uncover those three-hour baseball games significantly far more intriguing when you're winning a great deal of income on them. Continue to watch here for the rest of my report or contact me at About the Author Tony Stoffo is the former Race and Sports Book Manager at the old Desert Inn Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has produced his living in the sports betting industry for over 30 years now. Plus he has earned the reputation as one of the best Sports handicappers in the nation.

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