How Is Your Pay Per Head Service Treating You During These Times

By: America's Bookie     Date: Aug 27, 2020


The sports world has been massively impacted because of the coronavirus.


Prior to COVID-19, we were gearing up for the beginning of the NBA and NHL playoffs. MLB was also getting ready to begin, but when COVID-19 hit, sports leagues everywhere were postponed.


With business slowing to a halt, now is a great time to look at certain aspects of your business, such as how your pay per head (PPH) service has been treating you during these trying times.


Sports are slowly starting to come back.


The UFC, NASCAR and PGA are all back in action, albeit with no fans. I’m sure you’ve seen an uptick in activity from your betting sheet after these sports started hosting events again.


However, we’re still without any of the big six sports leagues in the United States (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF and NCAAB).. That has been a huge problem for Pay per head bookies. Action has basically grinded to a halt, but that’s all about to change soon, as major sports are expected back soon.


Should You Switch PPH Services?


Well, that depends. How has your PPH service been treating you during COVID-19?


Answer these questions:


? Have you been paying your PPH during COVID-19?


If you have, you may want to consider changing providers.


For instance, one of the best promotions of any pay per head service in the entire industry during COVID-19 has been from PayPerHead247, which suspended all PPH fees during the pandemic.


The promotion is still ongoing and won’t end until one of the big six sports leagues is back.


It looks like the promotion will be running until at least the end of July 2020.


? Did Your PPH Offer Any Discounts?


At the very least, your PPH should have offered you a discount during COVID-19.


While you don’t pay for inactive players, which a lot of players are right now, you also don’t want to lose your entire betting sheet. However, with limited sports to bet on these last few months, there’s a good chance that even if you had some active players, they may have lost you money.


? Have They Been Communicating With You?


If your PPH has essentially left you out to dry, why stay with them after the pandemic?


Now is a great opportunity to change to a PPH service that values bookies. A bookie’s relationship with a PPH service is a two-way street. When things are going good for the bookie, the PPH makes money, but when an event like COVID-19 shuts down the sports world, did your PPH work with you?


The NFL season will be here before you know it. As you know, that’s the busiest time for a bookie.


With the sports world still struggling to get restarted, now would be the perfect time to switch pay per head providers. PayPerHead247 will work with you to move all of your players, betting profiles and data over with you and they won’t begin charging you until one of the major US sports is back.



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