Why You shouldn't Overreact Early in the Season

By: AC Dinero     Date: Sep 23, 2015

One common error novice bettors make is overreacting to the first couple of games of the season. It’s human nature to only remember that last image, especially when it is a negative one. And if you got burnt by any of those teams, you’ve probably convinced yourself you are never taking them again. Teams are never as good as they looked the week before or as bad. Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Seattle aren’t that bad. The Jets aren’t that good. Trust your judgement and preseason analysis. A pretty good indicator on these teams is in the line of their next game. Most of the time, Vegas odds-makers are pretty good adjusting their lines. If you see a big move, then there is a reason to be wary. If you see a line and say to yourself “this team stinks” or “this team is pretty good” “why is the line only whatever the number is?” In that case, Vegas see’s that particular team as having a bad start and sticks to their guns in their initial evaluations. You should too. For the most part, it takes a quarter of a season to get a good read on teams, especially in college football since the early slate of games usually involve a slew of creampuffs. Don’t panic. If you manage your money and trust your judgement, all will be fine. Plus, you’ll get some value as you watch the squares make this rookie mistake.

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