Are you a Square or a Star

By: AC Dinero     Date: Apr 15, 2015

In my article on why 95% of bettors lose, I referenced “Squares” vs “Stars”. These are terms that Vegas will use to identify a certain type of bettor. As you may have guessed, they don’t think much of squares and respect stars. The first part of this article will list the characteristics of a square, and the second part, a star. If you find you identify with the squares, pay very close attention to the star part.

A Square is someone who bets mostly for entertainment purposes. Sure, they want to win, but they don’t have the skills required to win consistently. They tend to make decisions based on some “expert” they see on TV, bet with their heart, and don’t understand what the line is telling them. They will bet favorites and overs, play teasers and parlays (and a variety of other sucker bets), and will typically buy the half-point thinking they are gaining an edge on the house. They are gamblers who hope they win.

A Star is someone who bets on sports to make money. They view it as their job or an investment, and have a bankroll dedicated just to placing wagers. They employ excellent money management skills, such as betting a maximum of 1.67 % per unit with a maximum of 3 units. Those units will always be flat bets. Sharps never bet teasers and parlays. They are patient and don’t worry about hot or cold streaks. They know making money is a long term grind, not a short term sprint. They will analyze the line, and its movement, to determine value and what the public is doing. Speaking of the line, the odds-makers respect their abilities and will set lines accordingly, often using a test line (in football) to determine who these guys like. They tend to bet underdogs and unders. You will hear terms like “wiseguys”, “insiders”, and “smart money” when referring to these people.

The gap between the sharps and squares use to be significant. It has shrunk due to the internet, where information is now readily available to everyone. Squares can now shop for lines with on line books and bet anytime during the week, as opposed to calling your guy Sonny five minutes before kickoff. They can also find information in sports forums and places like Finally, the use of sports handicappers is much more affordable, and available to the average Joe who isn’t betting $500 - $1,000 per game. The cost can range from anywhere to $25 (per week) to several thousands of dollars. Hopefully you found this article beneficial and get that winning percentage into the 55% - 57% range.

Written by AC Dinero

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