Value in Dodgers as They Right the Ship

By: America's Bookie     Date: May 31, 2018

For the Los Angeles Dodgers this season has certainly been a weird one and has most definitely not started as they had hoped. Last season was a storied run from the blue and there was just that, a different story line nearly daily and it was usually a positive reminder of how far up the road this team had come. Justin Turner was off the rails and a clutch-monster, Kershaw was having another unbelievable year and really, it seemed as if the stars had finally aligned for this team. It seemed that the ghost of 1988 had been exercised, that the pit of misery was far in the past.


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The post season was exciting and everything the fans could have hoped for as the mighty Dodgers kept reeling off the wins. The World Series was unbelievable and all that was needed was an extra piece of pitching that they failed to get in Yu Darvish. He was a bust, but the only one. Everything else worked, it clicked and the cycle of life had come full circle for this Dodgers team. Of course we all know how the World Series turned out. Look; someone had to win that series! The 2017 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros was one for the ages. It featured everything any baseball fan could have ever asked for. It may be the best World Series since the Dodgers won their last one! It really was that good.


So the Dodgers lost the World Series. Was it a bummer for the Faithful in Chavez? Absolutely it was, but there was no reason to doubt this team, what they accomplished over the course of the 2017 season was remarkable and left little room for doubt that 2018 would be any different. The same group of guys coming back and the same mindset, or was it?


Baseball bettors should remember one thing as you make your way to your favorite online bookie site; baseball is an emotional game, it has it peaks and valleys and for this reason any team that has more than 100 wins is a season is remarkable. The game has a loss factor and the best of the best will lose 60-70 games a year. This is baseball and this is how the game works.


For all of those folks coming unglued about what the Dodgers are doing this season; relax! The Dodgers have a very good team that made it to the seventh game of the World Series. Injuries are always a problem for any team and the loss of Turner in the early going was a detriment. Turner is a fantastic example of how one man can change the mindset of a baseball team.


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The Dodgers have won seven of their last ten games and they are slowly but surely making their way back into the NL West. The NL West is not exactly a juggernaut of baseball perfection! The Giants have a losing record and the Rockies and Diamondbacks are duking it out for the top spot with a couple of games separating the two. The Padres are going nowhere and are a complete non-factor in this race.


The Rockies have a mean lineup, they will be the team to beat short term. The biggest concern for the Rockies is consistent pitching over the long haul, will it hold up? They have a ton of hitting prowess, if their pitching hangs in… this race will be tight down the stretch.

Call your favorite sportsbook and check into what options they offer. What does their wagering menu offer? Check it out and consider betting a team that wants to win. The Dodgers will win this division.

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